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While green is the goal, vehicles are not prohibited. Decorate your float with reclaimed, recycled or reusable materials. Make a leprechaun costume by shopping at one of Bellingham's many thrift stores! Bike to the parade! Better yet, bike IN the parade.  Walk downtown and watch the parade. Bring the kiddos and walk IN the parade! We just want to see you out here celebrating sustainability and our wonderful Bellingham community. 



Why do we care?

Environmental protection and sustainability are two important goals of the parade committee. Participants, please help us keep the parade route clean! Did you know that latex balloons can be recycled into compost? We ask that participants and spectators seek out recycling and Food Plus bins instead of throwing everything in the trash. Clean paper streamers can be recycled with mixed paper. Dirty or wet paper streamers can be recycled in Food Plus! recycling bins, or in your home compost.​​​


Thanks for helping us stay green!

We encourage the use of alternative forms of energy
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