Each year, the Bellingham St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee carefully selects a Grand Marshal to lead the parade down the streets of Downtown. The representative chosen exemplifies superior qualities of leadership, a strong dedication to our community and an overall positive attitude. 



Alice Clark, the Executive Director for the Downtown Bellingham Partnership has been chosen as the Grand Marshal for the 10th annual Bellingham St. Patrick’s Day Parade.


The Grand Marshal is carefully selected to lead the parade every year as someone who exemplifies leadership values, a dedication to community and an overall positive attitude. Prior to her position at the Downtown Bellingham Partnership, Clark worked for 13 years at the Pickford Film Center as Director. Working with these non-profits has helped her to see the developments of Bellingham as it’s grown into a larger community.


“Community can be seen as a gauge of the health of a city,” Clark said. “When there is a strong sense of community, then really good things trickle out of that like support for businesses and for each other. It really feels like everyone wants everyone to succeed here, and you can sense that feeling of camaraderie and support for each other.”


Clark has lived in Bellingham since 1980, and through her work with non-profits and supplemented by experiences of her own, she has become very familiar with the people, places and values of the city. Right now she is working on how to help Bellingham as it inevitably grows as a city and community, as well as focusing on how to maintain the authenticity of its spirit alive and consistent.


“Bellingham is a very authentic place. It’s not perfect but it’s real and I really appreciate that,” Clark said. “I know that community is in my DNA and I feel compelled to bring people together. I’m a firm believer that we can co-create the community of downtown to make it what we want it to be.”


The Bellingham St. Patrick’s Day Parade is on Saturday, March 16th this year and is a city-wide free event. Clark will lead the parade as the Grand Marshal starting at 12pm on Cornwall Avenue in front of Bellingham High School and ending at Boundary Bay Brewery. Don’t forget to wear your green!


Grand Marshals


2019 Alice Clark, Executive Director of the Downtown Bellingham Partnership

2018 Moonwater, Executive Director

of Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center 

2017 Whatcom Community College

2016 Todd Elsworth

2015 Fire Chief Bill Newbold 

2014 Chief of Police Clifford Cook 

2013 Tammy Bennett   

2012 Mayor Kelli Linville  

2011 Sheriff Bill Elfo   

2010 Mayor Dan Pike



With a big desire to see more people biking downtown this year, the 2019 Grand Marshal of the

Bellingham St. Patrick’s Day Parade has issued an edict to the people of Bellingham, declaring the 2019 parade theme - The Year of the Bike.

Alice Clark, The Executive Director of the Downtown Bellingham Partnership and a well-known agitator and provocateur for both community-building and the environment, will lead the parade with an entourage, The Green S/he Devils Bicycle Gang.


All parade participants on unicycles, bikes, trikes and other pedal-powered transportation are invited to join Her Royal Marshalness and the gang at the staging area at the Habitat for Humanity parking lot at Cornwall Avenue and Ohio Street on March 16 at noon.


According to the details of the proclamation, Clark pronounced, “I hereby challenge everyone

who works downtown to add at least one day of commuting by bike to your week this summer.

There’s so many reasons why even a small increase in bike ridership can make a difference.”

Clark explained the reasoning behind the proclamation citing use of alternative transportation

modes this summer will reduce car traffic and pollution downtown and will promote a healthier

lifestyle with increased physical activity and community connection.


“I was hugely influenced by a trip to Copenhagen last year, where I saw so many people using

bikes as their main source of transportation. I thought – if they can bike every day, even in the

snow, surely we can add on some extra bike days during our drier months! The St.Patrick’s

Parade is the perfect way to kick off this initiative.”