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Bellingham's Grand Marshal


Each year, the Bellingham St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee carefully selects a Grand Marshal to lead the parade down the streets of Downtown. The representative chosen exemplifies superior qualities of leadership, a strong dedication to our community and an overall positive attitude. 


And, the 2023 Grand Marshal is...

Anna Rankin!

Anna was chosen as Grand Marshal to acknowledge and celebrate her County-wide engagement putting on signature events. As Race Director of Ski to Sea, Tour de Whatcom, Mt. Baker Hill Climb and Taps to Trails Anna is responsible for all aspects of these events. Anna is inclusive, fun

and cares deeply for people and the planet we occupy.

We are thrilled to have Anna Rankin leading our 13th annual Saint Patrick's Day Parade!

When you see Anna at the start of the parade, give her a big wave!

Thank you, Anna, for all you do for our beautiful community. 

Grand Marshals of the Past:

2023  Anna Rankin, Race Director of Ski to Sea, Mt. Baker Hill Climb, Tour de         Whatcom, and Taps to Trails
2022  Erika Lautenbach, Director of Whatcom County Health Department
2020  Mayor Seth Fleetwood
2019  Alice Clark, Executive Director of the Downtown Bellingham Partnership
2018  Moonwater, Executive Director of Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center 
2017  Whatcom Community College
2016  Todd Elsworth
2015  Fire Chief Bill Newbold
2014  Chief of Police Clifford Cook
2013  Tammy Bennett
2012  Mayor Kelli Linville
2011  Sheriff Bill Elfo
2010  Mayor Dan Pike


“Kick the March doldrums to the curb with Bellingham's St. Paddy's Parade,” says Tammy Bennett, former Grand Marshal and current member of the YMCA’s Department of Fun. “It's the perfect opportunity to join family, friends & neighbors, gussy up yourselves (& bikes if you like rollin') and get your green on!“

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